Creation always occurs in the present moment.
The best time to do Avatar is NOW. Create the best course for you. 



Saturday, April 13 – Sunday, April 21, 2019

Orlando Marriott Lake Mary, Orlando, Florida

Course tuition $2295

On an International Avatar Course, students come from around the world to receive individual attention while also receiving the benefits that groups can bring. Fostering international compassion and peace, this setting promotes deep connections beyond all boundaries of culture, religion, race, or age. 

Explore consciousness with a diverse, worldwide, intimate community while making new lifelong friends. Discover for yourself the magic of Avatar, and experience the synergy of many people, just like you, learning and growing together with a common purpose in this unforgettable experience. 


Fast Track Avatar: Saturday, March 9 - Friday, March 15, 2019
Avatar Master Course: Saturday, March 16 - Sunday, March 24, 2019

Orlando Marriott Lake Mary, Lake Mary, Florida

Avatar Course tuition $2295
Master Course tuition $3000

Avatar Fast Track Courses are usually scheduled a week before the Avatar Master Courses for those students who immediately resonate with Avatar's approach and mission. Fast Track students want a fast route up The Avatar Path for their own and other's awakening.

Although not a requirement, Fast Track Courses are intended for those who plan to move immediately onto the Master Course right after the Avatar Course. With successful completion of the Master Course, the student may be licensed to deliver Avatar to family and friends at the very next International Avatar Course! Yes, fast!

Avatar resurfacing Course

Date: TBA

Lawrence, Kansas

Course tuition $295

ReSurfacing® is the first weekend of the nine-day-course but can also be taken as an independent 2-day workshop.

The ReSurfacing® Workshop takes you on a personal journey where you discover and experience the direct effect which your beliefs have on your life. You re-discover yourself! Simple yet powerful exercises lead to increased ability to control attention, a quieting of the mind and an understanding of your own belief blueprint. True compassion for others and excitement for inspiring goals begin to grow.