The Avatar Path is a series of courses that give you the power to influence and enjoy ever-widening spheres of life. You may think of it as a graduate curriculum for higher consciousness.



The Avatar tools empower you to assume full responsibility for the conditions and circumstances for your life. 

  • To direct your attention where you want it to go
  • To replace self-limiting beliefs with self-empowering beliefs 
  • To act with determination - how, when and where you decide
  • To relate to your friends, loved ones, colleagues, clients, and broader community with compassion, tolerance and understanding


Your Avatar path begins when you first learn about the tools, and goes at a pace that is right for you. Some people read about Avatar, watch videos and try out the free online exercises while deciding whether Avatar is right for them. Others jump right into the 9-day Avatar Course that quiets your mind, opens your heart, and gives you control of your life. The 9-day Avatar Master Course enables you to develop skills to maintain a more stable, calm and self-controlled presence and to relate deeply with others no matter what happens around you. The 7-day Avatar Professional Course deepens your leadership abilities and your connection with what matters most to you. It offers a playful exploration of the hidden identities and resistances that hold you back from achieving what you genuinely want to accomplish. The 13-day Avatar Wizard Course gently guides you into the deepest regions of consciousness. When you assume responsibility for your own life at that level, you are positioned to better the collective consciousness of humanity as a whole.

NOTE: On October 19, 2017, Harry Palmer announced that there will only be two more Wizard Courses -- in Daytona Beach in 2018, and a final farewell Wizards Course in Orlando in 2020. If you feel a tug to take this training, the time is now. 


When there are enough of us and we’re sufficiently still, every being, every aspect of the collective consciousness will see with clarity what we’re evolving toward."

Harry Palmer